active 0day user/passwords for vr3000 reactivated by Kern from Carrollton passwords

Username/Pass -> cjWMNUTZvSvl:wsGDcblwjhhW only one-time password

Username/Pass -> YdGJGtCguVZk:JhNkeYMzBaAT

Username/Pass -> rREQdSVbcLWe:EUgnUyyNsabj

Username/Pass -> rzUTpOlZsrdd:vJZnKTeNAewX

Username/Pass -> lBCfBllhVUTu:cAtSANaFAagC paysite exploited by kumi

Username/Pass -> mwtMMGxwpTHV:mEEzilZvphjr accessing this paysite from Costa Rica it has been reported it wont work

Username/Pass -> hPUyvZdxzegy:fCmAtEdYDxnI

Username/Pass -> FICOcmMrvhFH:ZsYYEuzcqufq


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