how do my passwords work if i do not have a credit card or a valid login


hello a lot of you guys ask how to use the passwords blogged on my site. its very easy, first you ll have to set private mode off in firefox or chrome . then also its good to disable addblocking because some of the xxx paysites will trigger addblock, so its no fun to click and not get the desired page. its your choise, if you want to leave it on you will often not be sucessfull using my passwords. anyway there are no advertisments in here . once you have found a paysite that you like you have to look if the post ist not too old. if it is to old, chances are good the passwords do have expired, then again no fun to compute.
what if you have find a site of your choice, lets say evilangel, or netvideogirls and the password is still not working, then my friend all i can suggest is to wait a couple of days until i get a new bunch of those passwords

i want to share my password with you

this is not a good idea, better keep your password on your own, because it is related with your personal information the abuse might get detected fast , however if you have access to other pwned dumps of passwords you allways can mail us and we gladly repost them

i am an existing member of a paysite but i do have forgotten my password

this is no problem at all, in this case we advise you to go to that paysite and just request a new password

can i use my dads password if he is not at home and he will not notice it

thats a good questions, we hear that many times, if you have a friend , relative or dad who is a valid user of a porn paysite and you have his password, you can use it with ease from the same ip and he never will notice that he shared his password with you. if you are on another network, at school or at work, chances might be big, that the system administrator will detect an additional user and this might caught complications.