cracked shared user/password login for camrads deciphered by Strickland from Austin pass

new working user/passwords for camrads

Username/Pass -> aaXPbUQtFjLQ:HLBwnYarlQOA

Username/Pass -> AsIqmftLURBl:eeUFnNLpBmTl

Username/Pass -> KsrOwvUieWbq:JbhsEpnqUlgG

Username/Pass -> CsFQZCzXTyGt:XWCcQyFfxnuN

Username/Pass -> fHCLPIjddXMs:qvqaNiZXGjMO

Username/Pass -> bMCgCmMbsaMt:SuwSXhIjWgEE password is cAsE sEnSiTiVe

Username/Pass -> ZysakMSFiLDq:tMmArRUBVfGd 23 surfer have used this pass


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