0day shared username password login for czechvrcasting

https://passwordslive.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/czechvrcasting.com-CyfrGBLaHPmubLdMCNRbfakf.jpg password example
the reddit folks have submitted this list and told me that usage is possible till 18.03.2019

official login and password key for http://members.czechvrcasting.com

Username 1 for czechvrcasting: PSYyFPEhoJ
Password 1 for czechvrcasting : yUlkUTZgob
Username 2 for czechvrcasting: HLlcJFACVV
Password 2 for czechvrcasting : JEVeyjRULz
Username 3 for czechvrcasting: FyPzwKniZl
Password 3 for czechvrcasting : cbwRvqDKIV

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