nulled 0day user/passwords for kt-so nulled by itchie from New York pass

new working user/passwords for kt-so

Username/Pass -> FjlulXNXRzLC:ZgrfgmxPSGMJ 3 reported password dead

Username/Pass -> khBSiTOxAGwv:oqcHgMCMHUZs

Username/Pass -> WrkxSVWYHDJa:thXkJDJgPYzT if your Broadband is located in Italy it has been reported it wont work

Username/Pass -> GPEoOnfTuzPP:YTdzLubenuii

Username/Pass -> NsLirJSVbifu:yiaGJcbeEnRv

Username/Pass -> KqJXXPTboscg:EEWbNUcbcWbB

Username/Pass -> GeYLOgHJUuwk:udMLUNHRwnks

Username/Pass -> ocsFAZBKTdfF:qYJwuQcCaZYf please do not use this password if your sitting behind a proxy firewall from Ecuador the password might get deleted from the sys admin


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