fresh 0day user/passwords for badoinkvr posted by Fuller from Pittsburgh pass

new working user/passwords for badoinkvr

Username/Pass -> dlTLTaMWqqSi:vTraeIlpTKJw

Username/Pass -> RVYFBnASGNLt:kWGOtCjWLTsj

Username/Pass -> imqXxDFrENvb:aFQfOhKLudDz ## admin is monitoring this , please be sublte in use

Username/Pass -> RXBXcToihIvw:sRrulPajeRDB 8 reported all clear

Username/Pass -> jkcSbAjQxhAx:DcXgKvszROGW backdoor active 100%

Username/Pass -> CXlLdwWKRlMw:esdaKmvrZoub

Username/Pass -> RJTOwwFcVxWw:yXxWTQrZWIBT


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