zero day free premiumbackdoors for digitaldesire unlocked by pass

new working user/passwords for digitaldesire

Username/Pass -> KbXvLcxHqurZ:JDCAbMYMUVuA

Username/Pass -> CwrgPtoAIFoI:TkDBuxwTbNYv the security has been breached by Team AIR

Username/Pass -> MpgSUTTqDfED:BqzfkWAziJyl

Username/Pass -> IJjNXXEsMWbX:sPfSuXxJsqpI

Username/Pass -> XhVIiQbTUhCW:RDLyFxywoqId

Username/Pass -> EvbycHdIAaXe:OxMUHwDHWQqU ** probably lifetimepass


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