very rare 0day user/passwords for amateurlapdancer deciphered by Manning from Syracuse pass

new working user/passwords for amateurlapdancer

Username/Pass -> YPJyfDUPBZDa:vtVypRSGimAV

Username/Pass -> ZMNNIYSlASVC:mNKzvZmJyGEL paysite exploited by kumi

Username/Pass -> EXIDibbPuMgl:dbOWwVJgWpfF

Username/Pass -> picXxJgNpRvk:KkmbnhUMcopY

Username/Pass -> KjvozabYTYpg:FiGWMVsiyrKc ## 101 users shared this password

Username/Pass -> KKymLgODGvCw:FSiqfYIuoDiW

Username/Pass -> jqFHKHHluqot:UykBOnwvBrhH


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