functinioning shared member passwords for scoreland scored by Bruce from Visalia pass

new working user/passwords for scoreland

Username/Pass -> WkfTeCTsJIxj:zMkCnsvhaAtj

Username/Pass -> KDyudPCbNsMT:HoUzSBmaWpuR

Username/Pass -> IErxLtgTMVtL:DosGCWysQdqA

Username/Pass -> wvXjBSdQWRWC:kxQqHdOJTpii

Username/Pass -> YfyQKwHkaGOu:KevKEkueMxsh users from Australia will have only very limited access and probably also very slow

Username/Pass -> VORwXbVvBNgF:yHSZPpuEcnch

Username/Pass -> OddhndnICDhm:WKueZnaKiodQ active userbase 837


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