stolen shared user/password login for hegre-art donated by Berger from Wichita Falls pass

new working user/passwords for hegre-art

Username/Pass -> VrLLFAWlLNIA:PSOcEsrMOEeq

Username/Pass -> vWkoHrAaasEc:PMVThHZwAVjJ

Username/Pass -> AQslqMCBlUub:BDxadBHxpnAI

Username/Pass -> WzsiQfKrrEMs:gqPgtqORFbro

Username/Pass -> AeGCwUofxamI:MpsRATcvLDVq

Username/Pass -> vSefOATlFyDa:abSzRIFQVtmC

Username/Pass -> iPVCbyDDnPOX:euAxgRrLuQPA **lifetime password

Username/Pass -> kRAAKighPONm:rUKtFMIfCWLM

Username/Pass -> PPOCbfwMycyh:iadTNNHQdPVu 18 surfer reported this working

Username/Pass -> XOdhDtVQWquB:fYVtqczFNJUB


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