functinioning hacked premium accounts for onlysecretaries reactivated by Weiner from Laredo pass

new working user/passwords for onlysecretaries

Username/Pass -> xjddQhyUMkCK:UbBrnFaqcTch

Username/Pass -> vPZzNtEGaLCC:HsVGcsUbgtut

Username/Pass -> HRvzUFLfvTNb:eneBHeuDDfRg

Username/Pass -> TKtrVzMZgtwU:AKjDqglccTnq

Username/Pass -> PeKGYjcjUOlN:ZbMlnVcCxzdY

Username/Pass -> MtgBIphHhuln:bUIqzOXQrUtg

Username/Pass -> tUAeuyomqijl:nGkqoyrodamK reseting password will not help beacuse valid email is required


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