cracked shared user/password login for collegerules submitted by Blum from Providence pass

new working user/passwords for collegerules

Username/Pass -> tCJWlBkSYefO:FEWTKdseSZdi

Username/Pass -> HcmAGeuppOFo:luimmOqlLizF

Username/Pass -> uwJBWitThkJz:xFvPmUOjONrP

Username/Pass -> iliBfpMPOkvk:ZIeNRTBiJKyJ

Username/Pass -> gdeMnchGBKjW:JWvNRHEfbydv

Username/Pass -> grupDrbSKaLh:YrDuKmhfUTbX

Username/Pass -> wBEvbeNrPkaC:EjivIEsDjqth strenght is changing on a daily basis

Username/Pass -> TRTqcbaKpcud:cAhOCtwjsOWU

Username/Pass -> LPZjYQghQIVh:NUbjKftEHJoM

Username/Pass -> wLrYaHZZbRTu:BOozxqzZybLf


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