0day stolen passwords for 18vr unlocked by Gibson from Dayton

http://passwordslive.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/18vr.com-BkCdkQVqvxWuNFdxsQAacDIB.jpg pass

new working user/passwords for 18vr

Username/Pass -> ZshwaiZCtCFD:sAUOYQiLwmjO **lifetime password

Username/Pass -> MrOPbDVpZBBO:qkEnSWCdTwHr

Username/Pass -> bVcvmTcQoMJQ:ugzDJfCCkFDN

Username/Pass -> gcccexoXAfmm:PcHWCkGHMiSs pass working 100%

Username/Pass -> ToPWZlCXqNog:FaLCwceJtxBL phil from sweden checked this password

Username/Pass -> XOWYDVmVlSyT:CMqtSlLlgokU

great addition to the ballpark of daily new emerging vr paysites 18vr finally delivers what lots of users were requesting, young cuties filmed on virtual reality. 18 VR did start with a supreme portoflio of new filmed excellent girls and a sharp quality. the movies can be seen with or without vr glasses . the members passwords access allows unlimited access to the hundreds of gigabytes of premium content. the accounts are valid sometimes only 1 day so be quick


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