zero day shared member passwords for vixenvr scored by Lassiter from Pueblo pass

voila the incredible  user/passwords list for vixenvr

Username/Pass -> GWZvkajskjgr:nKxSXYPhFdPb
Username/Pass -> nKEYjAiOSEgK:uggUXwGZoroN
Username/Pass -> aVUnEWJReLUx:DRLEyWnIcaPI
Username/Pass -> LpQtBqfhzVQK:HsiXSpewigxE thanks hupert for sharing this premium password leak
Username/Pass -> kFrSTsDiiXKy:dSYYIIGaQDTg ** probably lifetimepass
Username/Pass -> MDDFKmUZbHSQ:EqWuIwOidgtj


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